Dimitrius Anagnos is the president and CEO of a multi-million dollar business in Wisconsin, USA. He is an accomplished Chef, Executive and team builder. Dimitrius has traveled the world and has worked in restaurants his whole life. From start-ups, consulting, to being a chef on yachts. Dimitrius is very passionate about food and fusing different styles and cultural foods together. He has a flare for Asian cooking although American regional and Mediterranean is his wheel house. Starting to work at 8 years old in his father’s restaurant mopping floors and washing dishes to now being the President and CEO. Dimitrius has had to change with the times. Nothing stays the same, when society and tastes change his business must adjust.

Graduating from the Culinary institute of America in 1984 he was one of the youngest students to be admitted because of his experience and was accepted to enroll at age 18. Dimitrius is no stranger to hard work and commitment. Dimitrius has worked long hours and 7 days a week for years. He has continued his education taking classes and workshops whether it be in cooking, financial, personal growth, Omega seminars, Tony Robins. He has gained much knowledge from traveling the globe in different cultures and food techniques.

On Dimitrius’ path he has always had a passion for spirituality getting his strength from the Divine. He grew up a devote Greek Orthodox and kept his search for the truth Knowing that there was more. He also takes an alternative approach to his health care only receiving medical attention from doctors when needed or necessary. He also receives acupuncture, goes to the gym.

Dimitrius has been in search of the truth and were spirituality meets science. This has brought him to Mahendra Kumar Trivedi “Guruji” In 2012 Dimitrius was introduced to Guruji’s Mastery healers program by a good friend. That was the moment that his life truly began to change at a faster rate for the better, it took time there was a lot to work on. He began to feel what true spirituality was without all the ritual and dogma. He began to have a better understanding of fate and fortune and destiny. Dimitrius felt he was really being connected to the God of his understanding. His associations changed, his overall heath, his actions, caring, feelings, emotions and fear of the future. After 5 years with Guruji, Dimitrius was blessed with the opportunity given by Guruji to conduct a mice model experiment at a USDA approved facility that has over 6 billion dollars is sales in over 60 countries worldwide, administering The Trivedi Effect Biofield Energy treatments which has resulted in 12 scientific studies that have been accepted in peer review science journals that suggest these treatments can improve overall heath, inflammation and many other disorders.

He has also been blessed though the grace of God and Guruji to conduct another experiment on vitamin D3 to test its effects on the heart, lung, kidney, liver, bone structure and overall health. We should be getting the results shortly 2019. Dimitrius and a small group of Trivedi healers have proven their ability to harness natures life force and direct it to a specific intention.

Just recently while at work a woman was experiencing a double stroke, hands curled, numb on left and right side, blurred vision, nauseous, sweating, high body temperature, Dimitrius immediately called 911 and went into a Trivedi Effect Biofield Treatment to possibly help this lady with the grace of God. The EMT’s arrived and took the women to hospital. That same evening she was released saying she has dehydration and malnutrition, Dimitrius had a feeling that was a wasn’t the whole story? The following day, at work again, this same person had the same symptoms but not as sever, again Dimitrius proceeded to administer Trivedi effect biofield transmissions , EMT’s were called again. the young lady was released again from the hospital and this time the diagnosis was small strokes and possible heart damage? This woman was paralyzed at work showing all the symptoms of a stroke victim today she is working healthy and eating properly and only missed 3 days of work. On another occasion this summer another women he worked with texted him by phone from the hospital late night at home. This woman said she was in hospital do to a series of small strokes and would not be coming to work. Dimitrius immediately administered the Trivedi Effect Biofield Energy Treatments for her. He received a message the following day she was released from the hospital and had clearance to return to work the following day.

Dimitrius has also administered the Trivedi Effect on plants. Having some dying palm trees that were in doors for a winter were brown and dying. Dimitrius administered the Trivedi Effect Biofield Energy Treatments on them consistently for weeks. Now after 2 months and some TLC the palms are thriving, growing new shoots and healthy leaves using only new soil, water and the Trivedi Effect. Through Dimitrius’ hard work, honesty, caring, devotion to God, Guruji and Guruji’s connecting him to the God of his understanding he has been gifted with the possibility to transform living things with The Trivedi Effect Biofield Treatments. In Dimitrius’ journey he was always passionate about whatever he set his heart, mind and soul to. Up to this point it was the hospitality business and culinary arts. His search for the truth has brought him to his latest venture Biofield International.

Dimitrius is also a father to a beautiful young daughter that God has graced him with. They enjoy swimming together, cooking, playing games, going to parks, watching a movie on occasion and running around the restaurant. Dimitrius enjoys the gym, good pure food and traveling to see Guruji and his Trivedi Family. Biofield International, the Future of Agriculture, using the Trivedi Effect Biofield Treatments to possibly enhance today’s agriculture Naturally by producing higher yields and improved quality for less money, so the journey begins.