Dimitrius Anagnos is passionate about the production, preparation and presentation of food. He is an accomplished chef and CEO of a multi-million dollar restaurant in Wisconsin, USA.

Since 2011, he has worked closely with Mahendra Trivedi, originator of the Trivedi Effect – a potent form of biofield work that has profound, beneficial impacts on plants, animals, microbes and soil.

Dimitri’s connection with food has been one aspect of a deeper connection to nature, and divinity in all of its living manifestations.  Through years of work with Mahendra Trivedi, Dimitri has deepened this connection further. He has developed his own capacity to engage and transmit biofield energy.  He has been a witness of, and participant in, rigorous research studies showing clear, measurable outcomes from biofield energy.  This has driven his desire to work with farmers and food producers to enhance soil quality, livestock health, and crop yields.

Dimitri is also a father to a beautiful young daughter. Time spent with her is a continual reminder of the importance of pure and high quality food, clean water and air.  These same elements are important for any agricultural project. Biofield International, the Future of Agriculture, offers farmers the Trivedi Effect Biofield work to enhance today’s agriculture.

Natural production of healthier soil, plants and animals, producing higher yields and improved quality is possible. Contact Dimitri to learn more.